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Queensland Adult English Language, Literacy and Numeracy Council.


Queensland Building Services Authority.


(United Kingdom) Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.


See Quality endorsement.


See Quality-endorsed training organisation.


Quality Management System. See Quality management.


Queensland Open Learning Network. See also Open learning and Open Learning Australia.


See Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre.


Queensland Training Information Service.


Queensland Thoroughbred Racing Board (formerly known as the Queensland Principal Club).

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Queensland Utilities and Services Industry Advisory Board.


Queensland University of Technology.


Certification awarded to a person on successful completion of a course, in recognition of having achieved particular knowledge, skills or competencies. See also Australian Qualifications Framework.


Under Australian Quality Training Framework arrangements, the level of satisfaction with, and effectiveness of, vocational education and training organisations, their products and services, established through conformity with the requirements set by clients and stakeholders.

Quality assurance

The systems and procedures designed and implemented by an organisation to ensure that its products and services are of a consistent standard and are being continuously improved.

Quality endorsement

The formal recognition awarded by a State or Territory recognition or training authority to a registered training organisation on the basis of its implementation of a quality system.

Quality management

Encompasses all activities that determine quality policy objectives and responsibilities, implemented by means such as quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement within a quality system.

Quality system

A management system designed to ensure that an organisation's products and services always meet, or exceed, defined quality standards and are subject to continuous improvement.

Quality-endorsed training organisation

(QETO) A registered training organisation that has been granted recognition by a State or Territory recognition or training authority on the basis of its implementation of a quality system. Once quality-endorsed, a registered training organisation can receive delegated powers of self-management for the scope of its registered operations, and self-management of accreditation of its own courses, within the parameters set by the Australian Recognition Framework. (Note: In accordance with the June 2001 ANTA Ministerial Council decisions on the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF), QETO status had no national standing after 2003. A new policy on delegations under the AQTF came into effect 1 March 2003.)

Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre

(QTAC) Provides and operates a centralised tertiary application system. QTAC receives and processes applications for admission to all undergraduate courses offered by the publicly funded universities in Queensland, Bond University, the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania, and to some courses at universities in Northern New South Wales. QTAC also processes applications to full-time associate diploma, advanced diploma and diploma courses in Queensland institutes of TAFE and some private providers of post secondary courses.

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Queensland residency

Residence and/or employment in Queensland. See also Australian residency.

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