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Glossary I

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Institute of Advanced Studies.


International Council for Adult Education.


International Community Education Association.

ICT sector

(Skills sectors) Information and Communications Technology sector.


See Indigenous Education Direct Assistance.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


International English Language Testing System.


See Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program.


Institutional Grants Committee.


Internal Labour Market.

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  1. International Labour Organisation.
  2. International Labour Office.


Industrial Relations.


Industry Research and Development.


(Job Network) See Intensive Support.


International Standard Classification of Education.


International Second Language Proficiency Rating.


International Organisation for Standardisation, also known as International Standards Organisation.

ISO 9000

A set of internationally recognised and accepted standards, some of which specify requirements for quality systems (e.g. ISO 9001), while others provide guidance to aid in the interpretation and implementation of the quality system (e.g. ISO 9000-2).


Industry Skills Training Program.


(Job Network) See Intensive Support customised assistance.

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Information Technology.


Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry Training Advisory Body, a national industry training advisory body.


(Also: Industry Training Advisory Board). See Industry Training Advisory Body.


Industry Training Board. See Industry Training Advisory Body.


See Industry Training Council.


Industry Training Plan.


See International Vocational Education and Training Association.


Integrated Vocational Education and Training System.

In-service training

Training and professional development of staff, often sponsored by the employer and usually provided during normal working hours.


Historically, the legal agreement between an apprentice and an employer under which the apprentice was bound to the employer for a specified period in return for the training received; superseded by contract of training or training agreement.

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Indigenous Education Direct Assistance

(IEDA) A government program for indigenous Australians, comprised of the Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ATAS), the Aboriginal Student Support and Parent Awareness (ASSPA) Program, and the Vocational and Educational Guidance for Aboriginals Scheme (VEGAS).

Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program

(IESIP) The principal government program addressing equity issues in indigenous education, aiming to improve access, participation and outcomes, and to involve indigenous people in decision-making. Previously known as the Aboriginal Education Strategic Initiatives Program (AESIP).

Indigenous education

Education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; educational programs specially designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Also called: Aboriginal education.

Industrial award

A determination of an industrial tribunal establishing levels of pay and conditions of employment for workers in a specified industry, occupation, or enterprise. Compare Australian Workplace Agreement.

Industry Training Advisory Body

(ITAB) Also called: Industry Training Advisory Board. An organisation, usually an incorporated association or company, recognised as representing a particular industry, and providing advice to government on the vocational education and training needs of its particular industry. There are both national and State and Territory industry training advisory bodies.

Industry Training Council

(ITC) A body established by an industry or business sector to address training issues. See also Industry Training Advisory Body.

Industry organisation

An organisation representing an industry, including peak business and employer organisations, as well as specific industry training advisory bodies (ITABs) or industry training councils (ITCs).

Industry restructuring

A process of changing the forms of work organisation within enterprises and across industry in order to improve productivity, competitiveness, quality and flexibility. This may involve job re-design, award restructuring, new technology, and ongoing training or re-training of workers.

Informal education

The acquisition of knowledge and skills through experience, reading, social contact, etc. Compare Non-formal education.

Information literacy

The ability to identify an information need, and then to find, collect, organise, evaluate, and use the information. See also Learning Resource Centre.

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A group or cluster of campuses/colleges administered by a central Institute office.

Institute of TAFE

  A regional grouping of TAFE college campuses with common management and administration and sharing some functions and resources.

Instructional design

The design and development of instructional materials and learning activities to meet learning needs.

Integrated assessment

An approach to assessment that covers multiple elements and/or units of competence from relevant competency standards. The integrated approach attempts to combine knowledge, understanding, problem solving, technical skills, attitudes and ethics into an assessment task, with the aim of reducing the time spent on testing as well as making assessment more 'authentic'.

Intensive Support (IS)

(Job Network) Intensive Support provides one-to-one assistance to help job seekers who have been looking for work for more than three months get and keep a job. See also: Intensive Support customised assistance.

Intensive Support customised assistance (ISca)

(Job Network) Intensive Support customised assistance provides one-to-one assistance to help job seekers who have been looking for work for more than 12 months with additional services suited to individual needs. See also: Intensive Support.

International Vocational Education and Training Association

(IVETA) A network of vocational educators, vocational skills training organisations, business and industrial firms, and other individuals and groups interested or involved in vocational education and training worldwide.

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