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Annual Report 1998-99

This report provides information about the operations and achievements of the Queensland Department of Education during the financial year 1 July 1998 to 30 June 1999, and its directions for the future.

Report in sections

Volume 1

Preface (new window) 121K Adobe PDF document

Our purpose and goals (new window) 651K Adobe PDF document

Year at a glance (new window) 32K Adobe PDF document

Executive management group (new window) 730K Adobe PDF document

Forces of change (new window) 157K Adobe PDF document

Queensland State Education 2010 project (new window) 801K Adobe PDF document

Improved learning outcomes for all students (new window) 111K Adobe PDF document

Quality curriculum programs for all students (new window) 49K Adobe PDF document

Vocational education and training (new window) 243K Adobe PDF document

Effective teaching (new window) 204K Adobe PDF document

Adoption of technology to enhance teaching, learning and management (new window) 174K Adobe PDF document

A safe, supportive and productive learning environment (new window) 1.1M Adobe PDF document

A skilled, confident and responsible workforce (new window) 1.3M Adobe PDF document

Confidence in public education (new window) 219K Adobe PDF document

Support to other organisations (new window) 41K Adobe PDF document

Environment and community contribution (new window) 254K Adobe PDF document

Financial highlights (new window) 236K Adobe PDF document

Location (new window) 1.3M Adobe PDF document

Index (new window) 49K Adobe PDF document

Volume 2

Legislation (new window) 76K Adobe PDF document

Statutory bodies within the portfolio of the Minister for Education (new window) 43K Adobe PDF document

District office locations and contact details (new window) 47K Adobe PDF document

Corporate governance (new window) 85K Adobe PDF document

Staffing (new window) 64K Adobe PDF document

A report on improving the quality of life for women (new window) 56K Adobe PDF document

Voluntary early retirement (VER) (new window) 45K Adobe PDF document

Committee expenditure (new window) 45K Adobe PDF document

Payments to external consultants (new window) 45K Adobe PDF document

Implementation of the multicultural Queensland policy (new window) 61K Adobe PDF document

Summary of the operations of parents and citizens' associations (new window) 60K Adobe PDF document

Grants approved and paid to non-government organisations and tertiary institutions in 1998-99 (new window) 1.0M Adobe PDF document

Grants to non-state schools in 1998 (new window) 876K Adobe PDF document

Overseas travel by departmental officers (new window) 857K Adobe PDF document

Financial statements (new window) 2.9M Adobe PDF document

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