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Director General's message

Photograph showing Julie Grantham, Director-General, Department of Education and Training

Julie Grantham, Director-General

I feel privileged to have a leadership role in education and training in Queensland in these exciting and challenging times. Our department is striving to secure a better future for Queenslanders by introducing reforms from pre-Prep to tertiary.

Under Toward Q2: Tomorrow's Queensland, the department has lead responsibility for the SMART - delivering world-class education and training ambition, including the two 2020 targets:

  • all children will have access to quality early childhood education, so they are ready for school
  • three out of four Queenslanders will hold trade, training or tertiary qualifications.

During 2009-10, we have focused strongly on performance improvement and ensuring that our seven key priorities underpin everything we do. Our priorities are:

In May 2009, we implemented the first stage of a realignment of the department to highlight the accountability of each area to deliver our key priority areas.

In January this year, we continued the realignment through the integration of delivery across regional areas to develop a seamless approach to meeting the needs of communities. Early childhood education and care, schooling and vocational education and training services have been integrated at a regional level, providing cohesive service delivery, strengthening links between sectors, and ensuring decisions are made closer to our clients and are therefore more responsive to local needs.

2009-10 has been both exciting and challenging. I look forward to continuing to work with our staff and stakeholders to deliver our vision for a clever, skilled and creative Queensland.

Julie Grantham

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