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From January 2010, the department implemented a new regional service delivery model. Education, training and early childhood education services have been integrated at a regional level, providing cohesive delivery, strengthening links between sectors and ensuring decisions are made closer to our clients.

The seven new regional boundaries generally align with the Department of Communities boundaries, which will improve referrals and client services that are best addressed through interagency collaboration. The boundaries also generally follow local government area boundaries, except where it makes more sense for communities of interest to be kept together. The new regions also represent an effective span of support for services delivered locally.

One of the key components of the integration is the recognition of the value of the depth of expertise our regional staff has in each of the service areas. The new regional model aims to:

  • articulate performance expectations to focus on outcomes
  • provide greater regional input into central strategy and policy
  • provide a single point of regional accountability through the establishment of a regional leadership role
  • integrate regional planning and stakeholder engagement functions to enable effective responses to localised needs and demands
  • establish leadership roles and frameworks to support, guide and develop regional staff
  • customise regional service delivery and support structures to maximise resource efficiency and effectiveness.

New governance and performance frameworks were developed to ensure the department continues to comply with whole-of-government legislative and policy directives and guidelines and meets its corporate decision-making, planning, budgeting and reporting requirements.

Figure 1: Map of Department of Education and Training - Queensland regions (as at May 2010)

Map of Department of Education and Training - Queensland regions (as at May 2010)

Map showing the Department of Education and Training - Queensland regions

Department of Education and Training

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