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Planning for the future

The Ecological Footprint is a measure of our impact on the Earth. It shows how much biologically productive land and water an individual, a family, a school, an organisation, a city, a country, or all of humanity requires to support current levels of consumption and waste production, using prevailing technology.

Under Toward Q2: Tomorrow's Queensland, the department's goal is to deliver world class world-class education and training across the state's education and training sector by pursuing the following 2020 targets:

  • all children will have access to quality early childhood education, so they are ready for school
  • three out of four Queenslanders will hold trade, training or tertiary qualifications.

To achieve these targets the department's will focus on significant initiatives including universal access to kindergarten, sustained improvements to student performance, VET and skilling reforms and major infrastructure expansion across the state. In addition, the department will:

  • continue to undertake a comprehensive research and development program to ensure continuous improve in all areas of responsibility
  • follow on from consultation on the education green paper - A Flying Start for Queensland Children -to develop a white paper which will shape the government's strategic planning for the future direction of education in Queensland.

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