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Objectives for the community

The portfolio plays a central role in supporting the Queensland Government's social and fiscal objectives. Under Toward Q2: Tomorrow's Queensland, the department has lead responsibility for the Smart - delivering world-class education and training ambition, including the two 2020 targets:

  • all children will have access to quality early childhood education, so they are ready for school
  • three out of four Queenslanders will hold trade, training or tertiary qualifications.

We also contribute to achieving the other Q2 ambitions:

  • Strong - creating a diverse economy powered by bright ideas through our investment in the skills development of Queenslanders, and partnerships with researchers to ensure our work is informed by a strong evidence base
  • Green - protecting our lifestyle and environment by providing young Queenslanders with the knowledge and skills they need to reduce their carbon footprint, providing green industry skills, and adopting energy-efficient practices at departmental sites
  • Healthy - making Queenslanders Australia's healthiest people by giving children the knowledge and skills to live healthy lifestyles, by skilling the health workforce, and through encouraging healthy workforce practices
  • Fair - supporting safe and caring communities through supporting access to education and training for disadvantaged Queenslanders, providing our students with the knowledge and tools to be informed and fair citizens, providing training for unemployed Queenslanders including parents who need assistance to re-enter the paid workforce, and providing training to enhance the skills of volunteers.

Figure 3: Supporting government objectives for the community

Supporting government objectives for the community

Diagram outling DET's work in supporting government objectives for the community

Source: Department of Education and Training

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