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Director-General's welcome

Hello - I'm Julie Grantham, Director-General of the Queensland Department of Education and Training. Welcome to the department's 2009-10 online annual report, which details the many highlights, challenges and achievements of the past financial year. Our department is a key player in the Government's Toward Q2 - Tomorrow's Queensland goal of world-class education and training for Queenslanders.

During 2009-10 I've focussed strongly on performance management to ensure that our seven priorities underpin this important goal and everything we do. These priorities are:

  • Early childhood education and care
  • Student and School performance
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Training and Skilling Queensland
  • Infrastructure
  • Workplace reform and
  • Policy Development

I have reinforced to all staff the importance of not only understanding what the department's priorities are - but understanding their own important role in achieving them.

This year we integrated service delivery across regional areas in a department realignment, to better meet the needs of communities. The new structure is allowing us to focus on what is needed now while preparing us for the challenges of the future.

The online environment allows us great scope to showcase the significant achievements of our staff and students. However, our annual report is first and foremost about accountability and transparency.

The performance reports on this site offer comprehensive information on our performance against our strategic directions and on our diverse and dynamic organisational culture.

The About Us section of the report describes how we are meeting the challenges affecting all Queenslanders. In this section you'll also find a snapshot of our financial position for the 2009-10 financial year, with more comprehensive information in the financial statements.

We continually strive to improve our reporting. I therefore encourage you to scrutinize our 2009-10 annual report and would welcome your feedback.

Thank you.

Welcome to the online Department of Education and Training Annual Report 2009-10. The annual report is an integral part of the department's corporate governance framework, describing our achievements, outlook and financial position for the year. The annual report also plays an important role in fulfilling the department's commitment to accountability and transparency.

This report was tabled in Queensland Parliament on 30 September 2010. The annual report is based on the department's Strategic Plan 2009-13, which outlines the department's key objectives and performance indicators.

The strategies for achieving our objectives, as outlined in the Strategic Plan, are highlighted throughout the document.

The Strategic Plan's key performance indicators are identified throughout the annual report with this symbol. Performance Indicator symbol

In 2009-10, in line with the government's Performance Management Framework, the department is transitioning from reporting on outputs and performance measures to reporting against services and service standards. Existing performance measures identified in the State Budget 2010-11 Service Delivery Statements to be discontinued from 2010-11, are contained in this report. The new 'service standards' to be reported from 2010-11 reflect departmental strategic priorities in measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.

The annual report provides comprehensive information about:

  • the department's financial position for the 2009-10 financial year and our performance against our objectives
  • our diverse and dynamic organisational culture, people management, corporate governance processes and future direction.

In order to meet our commitment to the environment, the print run of this report, which has been tabled in Parliament, was limited to 130 copies. The tabled version contains compliance information as stipulated in the Annual report requirements for Queensland Government agencies - Requirements for the 2009-2010 reporting period. This report can be downloaded and printed in full, in sections, or by the page, from the annual report website.

The online annual report contains additional information about departmental activities, programs and awards, and features photographs and videos that showcase the achievements of our staff.

Environmental sustainability is the theme of this year's online report.

The online DET annual report is available to download.

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