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Indigenous Students (Anything's possible with TAFE)


Chris Anderson (Indigenous Student Support Coordinator) - It's absolutely important that we meet and understand the needs of the students. We need to understand before we can assist. Sometimes Indigenous students are new to the area and seeking accommodation, and we assist in that role as well.

Male Student 1 - The people. Meeting all these other students. The teachers, you know, they made me feel comfortable here and feel at home.

Female Student 1 - Yeah, the teachers are really great. Like, they're helpful.
Male Student 2 - Yeah, the teachers here at TAFE have given us a lot of encouragement and a lot of respect as Indigenous people and really push us.

Chris Anderson - It's important that we see and understand the challenges students face in their own community as well.

Robyn Canendo (education student - Remote Area Teacher Education Program) - We need to teach our children skills and how to interact with the wider community.

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