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Performance reports

The department's performance is measured in both financial and non-financial terms against performance indicators and measures.

The performance reports are organised to reflect the priorities set out in the previous Department of Education, Training and Arts Strategic Plan 2008-12:

  1. Laying strong educational foundations
  2. Enhancing individual and economic opportunities
  3. Engaging with others
  4. Improving agility and sustainability.

The fifth priority published in the strategic plan, Enriching lives and communities, transferred with Arts Queensland to the Department of Premier and Cabinet in recent machinery-of-government changes.

The performance reports:

  • analyse the department's performance against the 2008-09 indicators and measures outlined in the Strategic Plan
  • summarise the initiatives, activities and management practices that supported the department's performance for the year
  • outline the department's future direction.

Each performance report begins with 'showcase stories' to highlight the positive outcomes being achieved for the community.

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