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Future directions

Engaging with the Australian Government

Council of Australian Governments

In 2009-10 the department will work with COAG to implement the first stages of Queensland's National Partnership plans.

The department will negotiate other national initiatives that focus on closing the gap in Indigenous outcomes and Year 12 student attainment.

A new Indigenous education consultative body will be appointed in the second half of 2009 in line with changes in Queensland and Australian government responsibilities. The new body will build on the strong foundation established by its predecessor.

The department will continue to leverage additional contributions from the Australian Government, and individuals and enterprises, as part of the National Partnership Agreement on Productivity Places Program to provide a combined investment of $414.5 million over four years.

Higher education

Key objectives for the higher education sector for 2009-10 are continued engagement with the Australian Government on implementing reforms for higher education and further allocations from the Education Investment Fund.

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Working with the community

The department will work with the early childhood education and care sector to implement strategies to attract and retain a diverse and highly skilled early childhood workforce.

We will also support the early childhood education and care sector to implement high quality early childhood reforms.

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Working with industry and ducation providers

In 2009-10 the Department of Education and Training will continue to strengthen industry and stakeholder engagement. An independent review of current strategies for engaging with industry will take place towards early 2010. The recommendations from this review will enhance the department's relationship with business and industry.

Six new skills formation strategies will target industry priorities for developing Queensland's economy.

The Gateway Schools projects will continue to establish strong industry partnerships, and create opportunities for students to gain school-based apprenticeships and traineeships or employment.

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International engagement

In 2009-10 the Department of Education and Training International (DETi) aims to remain competitive in the current global financial environment by delivering high-quality programs. Specifically, DETi aims to:

  • increase market share, diversify markets and develop innovative strategies to re-engineer existing markets
  • increase capacity to supply ISP programs, and generate high economic and social returns
  • assist schools managing nationality capacity to continue strong and sustainable growth with a long-term outlook to both ensure they achieve a high level of student satisfaction and profile our reputation as a high quality program provider
  • strengthen partnerships with agents, stakeholders and schools
  • develop a series of exciting new products that emphasise the environment, aviation, higher education and long-term study tours
  • develop DETi's professional visits capacity
  • market regional areas for study tours.

International Projects Unit

In 2009-10 the International Projects Unit will:

  • build on existing good relationships in the Middle East to submit for tenders across a broader range of countries
  • seek new opportunities to tender for commercial and AusAID contracts in South-East Asia and the Pacific region
  • expand the Year 10 Curriculum Licensing and Unilearn client network across South-East Asia, particularly China and South Korea.

VET Export Office

One of the international VET sector's key objectives for 2009-10 is to continue engaging international markets to build sustainable business growth for Queensland's VET sector.

Another objective is to ensure that Queensland's VET sector becomes globally recognised for providing the highest quality training solutions, and build the sector's capacity to become an internationalised and cohesive VET sector that responds to global market needs.

To meet these objectives, Queensland will increase its national market share of international, inbound students. It will increase the number of international offshore partnerships resulting in an increase in the number of successful collaborations involving Queensland VET providers. Objectives include increasing the number of offshore student enrolments.

The Queensland VET sector will maintain international student satisfaction above the state average.

International services

  • In 2009-10 international experiences for students and teachers will be encouraged and expanded. The department will also participate in the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

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Indigenous engagement

The department will continue to engage with the Indigenous community when implementing:

Building on the work of the Partners for Success strategy, the Closing the Gap Education Strategy (new window) Adobe PDF document will become the overarching departmental strategy on Indigenous education in Queensland. The strategy's service lines are:

  • foundation learning with a focus on literacy and numeracy
  • health and physical activity as a precondition to learning
  • participation to employment
  • culture and enterprise.

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