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Future directions

Universal access to kindergarten

During 2009-10 the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care will:

  • collaborate with the Australian Government and other states and territories to improve data collection, and to research and evaluate early childhood interventions for performance monitoring and accountability purposes.
  • This will include collecting and analysing data against the outcomes, outputs and performance indicators in the National Partnership Agreement on Early Childhood Education. Baseline data will provide a basis for monitoring and evaluating progress over time.

  • achieve universal access to kindergarten in Queensland by mid-2013 through the provision of a new funding scheme for kindergarten programs and supporting projects including:

    • mobile and outreach services
    • assistance for children with additional needs
    • workforce skilling strategies
    • Queensland kindergarten learning guidelines and resources for teachers
    • improved information management to track enrolment details and provide performance data.

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Regulations and licensing

During 2009-10, the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care will review the Child Care Act 2002 and the Child Care Regulation 2003 to ensure quality early childhood education and care is supported by a legislative framework that reflects contemporary best practice and a robust evidence base.

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Integrated early childhood development programs and services

During 2009-10, the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care will:

  • develop and implement a Queensland early years strategy to provide greater integration of early years services for families and children
  • achieve greater integration of infrastructure and service delivery planning that is responsive to community needs by:
    • investing $321 million over five years to establish up to 240 additional kindergarten services by 2014
    • completing an early years centre at Browns Plains, and commencing an early years centre at Cairns. This will realise a $32 million commitment to establish four early years centres providing integrated early childhood education and care, family support and child and maternal health services
    • providing $8.4 million to establish early childhood education and care services on or near school sites at Nanango, Beenleigh, Toowoomba North, Ayr, The Gap, Beaudesert and Acacia Ridge
    • providing $3.6 million to expand childcare capacity in the Bowen Basin communities of Moura, Clermont, Moranbah, Theodore, Blackwater and Middlemount
  • establish early learning and care centres and integrated children and family centres, in collaboration with the Australian Government, including nine integrated Indigenous child and family centres to be rolled out over five years. These centres will provide early childhood education and care, and health, parenting and family support services for Indigenous children aged 0-8 years and their families.

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