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Achievements in 2008-09

Our measures

Summary of measures* 2007-08
Est. Actual
Est. Actual
Performance measures
Financial performance measures
% labour costs as % of total expenses 65.7% 64.5% Down
Non-financial performance measures
Number of FTEs in SSP 1,160 1105± Down
% of operating level agreements (OLAs) signed 100% 100% Up
Customer satisfaction index N/A Discontinued --
Client satisfaction index N/A Discontinued --
Client and customer satisfaction -- 90% --

*Source: Queensland State Budget 2008-09 and Queensland State Budget 2009-10 Service Delivery Statements, Department of Education and Training

± Based on MOHRI (Minimum Obligatory Human Resource Information) data

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Key achievements

  • Conducted a feasibility assessment for a new departmental Human Resource Management Information System. For more information about our ICT systems
  • Delivered a single agency network to provide seamless organisation communications across the department. For more information about Education - Training Platform Integration
  • Continued the installation of water-efficient devices in schools and school swimming pools in South East Queensland. For more information about environmental sustainability projects
  • Completed audits of water use for schools in affected areas of South East Queensland and monitored the saving benefits of water efficiency management plans. For more information about environmental sustainability projects
  • Expanded the whole-of-government electronic environmental system (Built Environment Materials Information Register) to include energy and water components for environmental sustainability. For more information about environmental sustainability projects
  • Coordinated the delivery of four new schools, six additional school building stages, 58 modular buildings, 10 Prep Year buildings and 13 permanent classroom blocks for the start of 2009 school year. For more information about Our infrastructure projects
  • Continued to provide legal advisory services to support departmental decision makers, including management of litigation, copyright, administrative law and related services.

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