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Future directions

Over the next three years, Internal Audit will:

  • review the overall focus of audit to align with the requirements of the new Financial Accountability Act 2009
  • implement processes that enable a more effective follow-up of audit recommendations, including external audit recommendations
  • introduce a control self-assessment framework to assist schools in monitoring and enhancing internal controls, and to assist the Chief Finance Officer in meeting obligations under section 77(2) of the Financial Accountability Act
  • maintain an audit team focused on providing meaningful positive assurance to the agency regarding the effectiveness of control frameworks
  • continue to build positive relationships with clients to enable audit to offer a value-add advisory service, including greater emphasis on performance reviews
  • reduce control costs by identifying redundant or duplicate controls and encouraging acceptance of an appropriate level of residual risk by streamlining work practices
  • continue to assist management in maintaining an up-to-date enterprise risk management framework, and in identifying deficiencies in risk management within the department.