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Qualifications for centre-based services with under school age children

Early childhood teacher (ECT)

Under the National Law, centre-based services with children under school age (primarily long day care and kindergarten services) must have access to a qualified early childhood teacher or have one in attendance at the service.

These requirements came into effect on 1 January 2014 and vary based on the size of the service and operating hours.

More changes came into effect on 1 June 2014 for services in remote or very remote areas Adobe PDF document External Link. Until 1 January 2018, these services can meet the ECT requirements if they have access to an ECT, regardless of the number of children being educated and cared for. See table below or contact your local regional office External Link for more information.

Number of children in the service

Requirements from 1 January 2014

Fewer than 25 children

Services located in remote or very remote areas Adobe PDF document External Link until January 2018

Your service needs to have access to an early childhood teacher* for at least 20% of the time the service is operating. This may be achieved through an information and communications technology solution.

*A centre-based service has 'access to' an ECT if the teacher:
  • is physically present at the service or accessible remotely via an information and communications technology solution and
  • carries out education and care activities for the service including one or more of the following:
    • working directly with children (only if physically present)
    • planning programs
    • mentoring, coaching or supporting educators
    • facilitating education and care research; performing the role of educational leader of the service.

25-59 children

Your service must employ or engage a full-time early childhood teacher, or have an early childhood teacher in attendance for:

  • 6 hours per day, when operating for more than 50 hours per week, or
  • 60% of the time, when operating for less than 50 hours per week.

60 or more children

Your service must meet the above requirements for 25-59 children (until 2020 when this changes).

If the main purpose of your service is to provide for school-age children, an early childhood teacher is not required.

Find out if educators in your service meet these requirements:

If an ECT is absent because of short-term illness or leave, an educator with an approved Diploma-level qualification External Link or a primary teaching degree may be counted as the ECT for up to 12 weeks. A primary teacher relieving during an ECT absence can also be counted as a Diploma-level educator for ratio purposes.

Diploma qualifications

Certificate III qualifications

Need help meeting the requirements?

Financial assistance External Link is available to help services and educators meet these requirements.

Unable to meet the requirements?

Approved providers can apply for a temporary waiver if they are unable to meet the staffing requirements.

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Teacher requirements under QKFS

Teacher requirements under QKFS

If your teacher qualifications align with the National Law, the service in which you are employed is eligible for funding under the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme to offset the cost of delivering an approved kindergarten program.

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