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Reflective tool : Organisational structures

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Organisational structures that enable multidisciplinary work are critical for effective integrated service provision, and require responsive and innovative ways of working (Press et al. 2009). When operating in integrated environments, where working with parents to support children's development and learning is a priority, taking time to focus on organisational structures like policies, procedures and resources is important. This helps ensure that similarities, and differences, across partners and disciplines can be identified and practices streamlined (Press et al. 2009).

Organisational structures support workers from different disciplines to navigate differences in philosophy, language and practice. Establishing collaborative structures and systems is very important; however, achieving collaboration in practice requires ongoing focus and deliberate action.

Starting to think

In your environment, do organisational structures enable integrated early childhood development?


The questions below will explore how organisational structures enable the service delivery elements of the model.

Do the organisational structures support provision of universal and targeted services?

Do organisational structures advocate respect and value multidisciplinary approaches?

Are there systems for sharing evidence-based practice, knowledge and understanding? Read example showhide

One staff member at Browns Plains Early Years Centre commented, 'A lot of the information [we provide] reinforces what parents already know, [but] when they know it is based in theory, it builds confidence.'

How do organisational structures effectively support working in partnership and integrated service delivery? Or do they constrict it?

How do the organisational structures support service delivery from multiple access points?

How do policies support the development of common understandings about inclusion and ways to promote children's development and learning?

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