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Valuing Diversity

Queensland children come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, participate in a variety of social, cultural and religious belief systems, and have different knowledge, skills, abilities and needs.

They live in different places: in urban, rural or remote areas.

The department's vision is for communities, children and families to experience welcoming, inclusive and culturally rich early education programs where all children, regardless of their differences, are engaged in learning.

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To fulfil this vision, a holistic approach is needed that considers the challenges Queensland families face in accessing and participating in early childhood programs. This approach comprises three key elements: People, Programs and Places.

Underpinning elements diagram - explained below

Diagram explanation:


The first step involves people developing a shared value for early childhood education.

Embracing the benefits of early childhood education and the associated positive impacts on a child's future development, learning, health and wellbeing is fundamental to developing this shared value.

Early years and family-centred services promote these benefits and make connections between families and local service providers.


Programs should be culturally rich, inclusive and engaging, and make families feel welcome.

Importantly, when families reach the door of a service, a welcoming, safe and inclusive program and environment encourages them to stay and become engaged in their children's learning.


Places must then be accessible. Ease of access to early childhood education programs for families is critical. This means ensuring:

Read more information supporting this holistic approach:

Guiding principles

Five principles guide the approach to valuing diversity in early childhood education:

Key initiatives

A suite of initiatives has been developed to support services to ensure children can access and participate in kindergarten.

Learn more about the key initiatives

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