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What is kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an early childhood education program that is:

A quality kindergarten program is the foundation of early childhood education and prepares children for school.

Other Australian states or territories may call this program 'preschool' or 'kinder'.

What is an approved kindergarten program?

Description: approved kindergarten program identifierApproved kindergarten programs, identified by the 'kindy tick' logo, are taught by qualified early childhood teachers and run for 15 hours a week for 40 weeks, or 1 school year.

They are assessed and certified by the Queensland Government to ensure children across the state receive a consistent, quality education.

They are delivered by kindergarten or long day care services. Read about an example of a kindergarten program in a kindergarten service or in a long day care service.

'Kindy rooms'

Many early childhood education and care services have what they call 'kindy rooms' where they cater for kindy-aged children. These rooms may or may not be where an approved kindergarten program is delivered.

Check if these services have the 'kindy tick' to ensure they offer an approved program.


eKindy is a distance education program for Queensland children who are unable to regularly access a centre-based kindergarten program. This includes children:

Based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, eKindy allows children to take part in teacher-delivered web lessons, and interactive online and in-home activities. Children may also have the opportunity to interact face to face with other children and their teacher.

Read about eligibility criteria and how to enrol in eKindy.

Download eKindy parent resources, including fact sheets, music videos, e-books and an iPad app.

Read more about kindergarten and other early childhood education and care services.

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