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Requiring physical and embodied engagement across all areas of learning. Whether this is indoors or outdoors, activity is essential in order to activate children's full potential. Their focus, concentration, motivation and self-regulation are enhanced through moving, doing and interacting within a range of learning environments.

'Active' unpacked

Teachers may:

Children may:

  • provide opportunities for children to engage in physical and embodied learning

  • timetable regular opportunities for children to access the curriculum in both indoor and outdoor learning spaces

  • provide a range of open-ended materials, including realistic,symbolic and unstructured resources that encourage problem solving and activate children's full potential

  • scaffold children's focus, concentration, motivation and self-regulation during independent, small group and whole class learning experiences.

  • move, do and interact appropriately in a range of learning situations to engage in higher order thinking and build on current learning

  • engage in a range of learning spaces, both indoors and outdoors

  • engage with a range of open-ended, realistic, symbolic, and unstructured resources that encourage problem solving

  • participate with increasing focus, concentration, motivation and self-regulation.

"Children are active agents... active play is linked positively to self-regulatory skills that, in turn, predict academic success".

To find out more read the Age-appropriate pedagogies for the early years of schooling: Foundation paper pdf version Adobe PDF document1.3M - word version. Microsoft® Word document 88K

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Characteristics unpacked

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Characteristics support teacher reflection

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Characteristics support teacher reflection

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